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Happy Holiday Season!!

Our office is closed for the Holiday Season and will re-open on

Friday Dec 26th 2014

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GNAWLERS dog bones, chews, treats and snacks....Taste based on nutrition and science.

The taste dogs love. Made from all natural ingredients with no added colorings, sugar or salt, these fully edible, premium dog bone delights are sure to be a household winner. Enhanced with important vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidantsand made with absolutely no plastics.

Discover the difference your dog will love you for. 

Compressed rawhide dog bones and chews are denser and tougher than natural rawhide treats. GNAWLERS are made from rawhide protein, these tough chews are formed by molding granulated rawhide (think ground up into a powder) at the immense  pressure of 400 tonnes per square inch. The result is an ultra-dense, solid dog bone that outlasts other styles of natural rawhide bone or chew which is much safer than a regular rawhide chew. Even aggressive chewers will get hours of chewing pleasure from these bones. Remember these are not toys and are designed to satisfy a dog's natural urge to chew. Made with a unique, innovative and patented design for easy holding and chewing. Our bones are made with no harmful chemicals or bleaching, which can remove essential nutrients and decrease flavor.

All of the Gnawlers range are processed under the international standard of ISO22000 and the HACCP protocols (originally created by NASA so astronauts donot get sick in space).

All our products are inspected and approved by the USDA/FDA and national food inspection authorities. We are vigorous in our testing procedures and in fact test every single batch of products to ensure there are no contaminants and they are bacteria free.

We have never had an incident of bacterial contamination and your dog's safety and health is our topmost concern.

If we wouldn't happily feed it to our own dog, we don't sell it at all.




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