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GNAWLERS Edible Dog Bones. Taste based on nutrition and science.

These compressed granulated rawhide dog bones are a great alternative to traditional rawhide chews. Coming in three bone sizes Small 3", Medium 5" and Large 8", each bone is full of flavor and contains very low fat (just 4% fat content).

The 3" is a great chew for small dogs and a great treat for even quite large dogs. The 8" bone is great for larger dogs and for adventurous smaller dogs too.

These long lasting chews promote healthy teeth and gums while keeping your dog mentally and physically engaged.

Which flavor bone does your dog like best? Beef, Bacon or Cheese? Registered users can take our poll....and see what others think. Register here.

What size bone is best for my dog? Great question. Small, medium and large is in the eye of the beholder, we recommend small bones for dogs up to 15lbs, medium bones for dogs up to 35lbs and large bones for dogs over 35lbs. Another helpful guideline is if your small or medium dog is a powerful chewer (or has quite an appetite) try the next size up one time, and see which size is more suitable. Here is a useful table.


             Weight of dog           

    Up to 15lbs    

        Up to 35lbs        

         Over 35lbs       

          Recommended size of Bone           




            Bone Length in Inches            




             Weight of GNAWLERS           




 Remember these are not toys and are designed to satisfy a dog's natural urge to chew. Made with a unique, innovative and patented design for easy holding and chewing.

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