Our antler are natural sheds, A Grade and sourced in the USA. We offer only the freshest antler which ensures a long-lasting chew for the dog. 

Elk split antler

Elk Split

A great chew for dogs that have softer mouths or older dogs. Also, fantastic at getting rid of plaque and tartar.

Elk Tine Antler

Elk Tine

Being the second hardest chew we offer, behind the moose tine, this will slow down even the heaviest of chewers.



Moose paddles are a unique cut of antler which is best suited for soft to moderate chewers.


The moose split is a dense, hard chew that will give most dogs weeks and weeks of chewing time. Best suited for soft to moderate chewers.


Being the hardest natural chew that is out there, moose tines are exclusively for absolute beasts of chewers! Perfect for the most powerful chewers out there!